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Piling Latvia, Drilling rigs, Bored piles

TILTS Ltd cooperates with BAUER Maschinen GmbH, one of the world’s leadingmanufacturers of drilling machines. TILTS Ltd owns six drilling rigs for Bored Piles construction: BAUER BG 15, BG 23 H, BG 24, BG 28, BG 39, BG 45

BAUER Drilling rigs are state-of-the-art Kelly drilling rigs as well as multi-functional rigs for various construction methods in special deep foundation engineering. The best choice for challenging project and transport situations.

The BG drilling rigs stand for multifunctional equipment for a variety of foundation construction systems.
The selection between the two model lines allows an optimum choice for various project or transportation requirements.


Specific highlights of the BG drilling rigs are:

  • High safety standards

  • Environmental sustainability, economic efficiency and performance

  • Easy to transport and short rigging time

  • High-quality standard


Special features are:

  • Fast loading onto transport vehicles

  • Easy rigging on-site due to compact design

  • Rapid shifting to new working positions at construction sites with underpasses or below low bridges

BG 15
Max. drilling diameter: 1300 mm
Max. drilling depth: 32.0 m
Max. torque: 150 kNm
Max. height: 18.2 m
Max. engine power: CAT C7.1: 186 kW

Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA
Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA

BG 23 H BT 75
Max. drilling diameter: 1300 mm
Max. drilling depth: 32.0 m
Max. torque: 235 kNm
Max. height: 22.5 m
Engine: CAT C 9 Stage III A/Tier 3 280 kW @ 1,850 rpm CAT C 9.3 Stage IV/Tier 4 final 298 kW @ 1,850 rpm

BG 24
Max. drilling diameter: 1300 mm
Max. drilling depth: 32.0 m
Max. torque: 276 kNm
Max. height: 23.89 m
Max. engine power: CAT C9 261 kW @ 1800 U/min (rpm) 

Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA
Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA

BG 28
Max. drilling diameter: 1300 mm
Max. drilling depth: 32 m
Max. torque: 275 kNm
Max. height: 26.5 m
Engine: CAT C 15 354 kW @ 1800 U/min (rpm)

BG 39 Premium line
Max. drilling diameter: 2000mm
Max. drilling depth: 90.0 m
Max. torque: 389 kNm
Max. height: 28.3 m
Max. engine power: CAT C 15 433 kW @ 1800 U/min (rpm)

Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA
Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA

BG 45 BS 95
Max. drilling diameter: 2000 mm
Max. drilling depth: 100.0 m Torque (nominal): 461 kNm
Max. height: 90.0 m
Engine: CAT C 15 – Stage III A/Tier 3 – Stage V/Tier 4 final 433 kW @ 1,850 U/min


Bauer piling rig Tilts SIA

Where piling and drilling works need to be done on water, an TILTS Ltd Barge in combination with BAUER Drilling rigs creates a stable, fixed-position platform. 
This functionality ensures a stable non-moving working platform which has full operational capability in all conditions, maximizing productivity and minimizing costs.


Depending on the load distribution, the bored piles are used in the following ways:

Pilling Latvia

Single piles

Pilling Latvia

Pile groups

Pilling Latvia

Bored pile walls

The Advantages of Bored Pile Construction are as follows:

  • The opportunity of pile construction down to the depth of 96 m

  • The required bearing capacity and strength

  • Pit is not required to construct Bored Piles, and they may also be used as fencing structures

  • Bored Piles are constructed without vibration and with no effect on the buildings situated nearby the site


A End-bearing pile
Its lower end (pile foot) rests
upon a low-compressible soil

Pilling Latvia

B Friction-bearing pile
Its lower end rests upon a compressible soil, and the loading is transferred into the soil due to the resistance of the lateral surface of the pile and under its foot

Piling Latvia TIlts SIA


TILTS Ltd is rightly proud of the results it has achieved. Over the years the company has built more than 2000 different projects in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Many of them have become major urban attractions:

  • the pedestrian bridge and promenade in Jelgava

  • the Southern Bridge and the Eastern Highway in Riga

  • Vabaduse Bridge in Tartu

  • bridges in Carnikava, Bauska, Daugavpils, Tallin, Vilnius, Klaipeda and Narva

  • Ziedoņdārzs and Grīziņkalns park reconstruction in Riga


Piling Latvia Tilts SIA



Registration number: 50103005351

Adress: Spilves street 18, Riga, LV 1055, Latvia

Bank: OP Corporate Bank plc Latvia


Bank account number.: LV82OKOY0005100035077

To receive a quote or any other information related to your individual project, please contact our specialists by phone or email

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